The Best German Shepherd Obedience Training

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he Best German Shepherd Obedience Training
German Shepherds are very strong and also loyal to their owners. They are very good for protection. However, the problem here is that going overboard with its training is something you don’t want, as your GS will become aggressive as it grows. German shepherd obedience training is very important, as it will make your GSD fun to stay with and follow your commands.


German shepherd dog training is very important, so if you just bought a German Shepard puppy, you should immediately start its training because if they don’t receive the right training, they might grow to become very dominant. Another mistake GSD owners usually make is treating their dogs very harsh, which isn’t supposed to be.

Naturally, GSDs are tough and territorial, so stop handling them aggressively, and teach them how to socialize with people. It won’t be nice seeing your GSD chewing on toys at home and biting on the furniture. The great news here is that with a proper obedience training, your GSD can become the exact way you want it to be, and also very social. The guide below will be of great help:

Step 1: Imprinting & Socializing
When you treat your GSD in a positive and sensible manner, it will grow up to become social. The truth is that you wont find it easy teaching your GSD to become obedient towards you, as you will need lots of patience and consistency. It is very wrong to force your GSD to learn because this will make them aggressive.

German shepherd obedience training is divided into two parts, namely imprinting and socializing. It includes special commands and tricks, and you should understand that you will need to use verbal actions and hand in training, no matter the style you adopt.

Imprinting simply means instilling certain behavior in your dog. If you treat your GSD puppy very harsh and furious during training, it will probably grow up to become aggressive.

Socializing simply means making your GSD puppy comfortable not just around people, but also around other animals so that when it grows up, it won’t make much trouble for you. This is a major part of its training you shouldn’t overlook.

helpful  Tips
These tips will assist you in making your dog social and also in imprinting:

   1- Leash training- This means that you detect when your GSD walk and stop by pulling the leash, and it should be able to walk at your own pace. This is very vital since it lets you have total control over your GSD.

  2- As you train your GSD, ensure that at short intervals you offer treats, as this will ensure that it doesn’t get bored or distracted.

   3- Alternatively, you can pat your dog on the back or give it toys as a way of appreciation.

  4- Ensure that your Shepherd is memorizing all the information and commands you are dishing out.

   5- During your German shepherd dog training, if you make your GSD too dependent on treats, it will follow your commands only for a treat.

  6- Teach your dog to remain calm and behave while nail cutting, bathing and ear cleaning.

    7- Train your dog to see its kennel as home and sleep in it.

   8- In training your GSD, make use of the word ‘NO’ so that it knows when to stop.

   9- In order to make your dog learn easily, back up different words with different actions.

     10-             In your German shepherd puppy training, Teach your puppy to play with only toys approved by you.

1    11-   Train your puppy to obey house rules and behave well in the house.

     12-             Your GSD should learn to chase you when you call its name.

     13-             Also, teach your dog to walk orderly on the stairs.

     14-             Properly crate train your GSD.

    15-             Also, teach your dog how to enter a car and behave well inside.

Step 2: Manner & Obedience
In this German shepherd puppy training section, you will have to educate your puppy on how to be calm and also obey your commands without hesitation. Since GSD are always hyperactive and full of energy, you should train them in a special way so that they understand your commands and follow your instructions patiently.

helpful Tips

GSDs requires different form of training, and these tips listed below will help you train them in learning discipline and good manners:

  1-   Instruct your GSD to sit and stay for some minutes. This can be achieved by introducing the ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ command. In this command, you should tell your GSD to ‘sit’, and then ‘stay’. Your dog should stay for about two to four minutes. With such training, your dog will learn to stay calm in different types of situations.

    2-   Let your dog learn to walk at a normal pace when on a lose leash.

  3-    When your GSD begin to display strange behaviors such as mouthing and excessive chewing of objects, tell it to ‘STOP’.

    4-   Teach your dog to fetch without becoming very excited. When you notice that it has become very much excited, you may instruct it to stay.

    5-   If you notice your dog jumping on people and on sofas, tell it to ‘STOP’

    6-   In order to ensure that your GSD learns fast and rightly, you should introduce distractions as you are training it. With the distractions, you will know the level of training your dog has undergone and also it will ensure your GSD ignores distractions when you command it in real life situations.

   7-   Make sure you use the command ‘NO’ a lot throughout the training process.


Your Long-Term Family Member
In conclusion, your German shepherd obedience training should begin when it is just eight weeks old. In training your German Shepard, ensure that you don’t drag the training session because it is going to frustrate your pup. GSDs are surely lifelong partners, and you will get to enjoy your pup when you have taught it to become calm, patient and obedient.

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