Best tips for house training a dog

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Many people, especially new dog owners, think house training a dog is a herculean task, but in reality, it is not. You only need to be committed and consistent in your approach. If you have been wondering about how to potty train a dog, then you are at the right spot. Potty training is really an issue for those that adopt puppies. If this process isn’t taken seriously and completed in the right way, it might turnout to be a serious issue.


Don’t wait until your dog is all grownup, start the training from the beginning. However, this shouldn’t be a difficult thing, as puppies are known to learn fast, and the puppy house training tips in this article will be of help. House training a dog is something that won’t cost much of your time. If you are in search for tips on how to potty train your dog then this post is for you. Read on as helpful tips are outlined below:


Keep it clean
The mom of puppies are sensitive and clean, as they as they keep their space clean and quickly get rid of any mess made by the puppies. This makes the puppies know that the area isn’t meant for messing up themselves, and they act accordingly.

To make puppies learn from this idea, you should make the spot where the puppy has messed up clean and tidy, and also teach them to go out for defecating and not inside.

Keep a schedule
One of the best ways is to keep a schedule for your puppies by setting regular time for different activities such as feeding, training, bathroom breaks and also sleep. In creating a schedule, be mindful that the best times to set a bathroom break are after sleeping, playing and eating.

If your puppy is receiving treatment and can’t be taken outside at the moment, you need to create a space that is acceptable by making use of puppy pads.

Not on the carpet
Have it at the back of your mind that your puppy is likely to make use of the first part of carpet that is far away from where it sleeps and eats. Puppies tend to poo on the carpet rather than tiles because of the softness, and it feels like grass.


What should you do then? Since puppy pads are a temporary solution, as you use them for training, move the pad towards the door slowly, so that your puppy will exit when it’s time to go out. This will create an impression that the door should be used as exit whenever the urge to poo comes.

 These are some tips on house training a dog. Do you have other tips? Feel free to mention them using the comment box.

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