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the best dog obedience training tips

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With the following basic training steps, your puppy will surely grow up to become well behaved and your best friend. You should practice the steps daily and keep the training sessions brief. Change what your pup learns everyday to keep it stimulated, as it will see everything as a game. Every command should be carried out for about five minutes and you should come back to it whenever you can.
Ensure that the commands are pracitced in various spaces, ranging from the garden, living room, and even when out on walks. This will make your puppy used to responding to you no matter the situation.
Obedince training is very vital because it will help you strong bond betweeen you and your dog, and your dog will grow to become happy and well-trained.
Table manners
It is very bad for you to give your puppy everything it asks for. This will make your puppy over demanding and spoit. You need to let it know that you arent going to respond to all its demands.
Your puppy should learn that little chidren, as well as others around can be unpredictable, but should be social with them. In order to do so, try immitating some childish behaviour like stepping towards its bowl quickly, then drop a treat. While your puppy is eating, try causing distractions like rolling toys nearby, but make sure you drop a treat in the bowl as a reward for still keeping calm while eating. You shouldn’t be doing this at every meal, although you should do it frequently. If you notice that your pup glares or growls at you, or freezes, stop and try again later. If after trying another time it still continues, then it is advicabel that you seek the advice of a certified dog trainer.
Reading your puppy's body language
Dogs are good in communicating with body language, and they usually communicate with each other through body postures, eyes, facial expressionas and even tail. If you understand the body language of your puppy, you can interpret its intention

Signs of aggression or submission
There are some sings you will notice from your pup when it is feeling aggressive or brave. You will notice that it is standing tall, sticking out its tail and ears upright, and these is to make him appear larger. In addition, it will aslo raise the hair on its back and neck, and push out its chest. You might also notice your pup slowly wave its tail, and even growl.

However, if you dog feels submissive, the signs you notice will differ. It will try to appear like a puppy, and appear little. It will crouch sideways on the ground, with its tail wagging away while held low. In addition, your dog may also try to roll on the back of the dog or human it is submitting to, or even lick its face.

Your puppy's tail
Most people believe that when a pup wags it tail, it simply means it is happy and friendly. This is so true, but there are other moods waggging of tail indicates.
Although every breed of dog has its unique way of holding its tail, generally, when a dog holds its tail to the back over at an angle over 45 degrees, then it shows alertness and keenness.

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