how to find the best dog obedience training near me

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When autumn comes, your kids will get back to school, which is something you will love. Dogs too aren’t left out, as sending them to school is a great idea. If you are looking for dog obedience training near me, then it is a great idea as it helps teach young dogs basic commands like socialization skills, commands and even manners, it will be a nice idea for them to undergo obedience courses. Obedience courses are important for dogs because it will make them more social, as they will start interacting better with others dogs. In addition, they will learn how to sit, lie down, and other commands.

Although you can enroll your dog for the training no matter the age, it will be better for them to be trained when they are still little and puppies, because at tender ages, they possibly haven’t developed bad habits.

dog obedience training near me

How many times do dog obedience classes meet?
Well, it all depends on the program; however, most of these dog-training classes usually hold a one-hour meeting weekly, and the program lasts for about eight weeks, and sometimes ten weeks. With many dog training classes out there, you might become confused as to the best dog obedience course to select. You might ask “where do I get the best dog obedience training near me?” well, you don’t have to worry much because here are some things to look out for when selecting the right training classes for your dog:

Look out for certified instructors
If you have always asked for where to find the best dog training classes near me, then know that instructors with credentials boost the confidence of dog owners, and they trust them more. Look out for dog trainers with credentials from reputable bodies such as National K-9 Dog Trainers Association, the International Association of Canine Professionals, National Association of Dog Obedience, and Association of Pet Dog Trainers. This is because trainers from these reputable bodies have a vast knowledge of dog training, and will train your dog properly. Instructors from a reputable dog training center have undergone vast and rigorous training, and will train your dog better.


Find one that offers value for your money
You should look out for one that is fit for you in all aspects, one that provides value for your money. In respect to this, things to put into consideration are location, price, content of the course and quality. Also, reference can be of benefit in choosing the right course.

Note that obedience training for dogs aren’t all the same, and as you look for the best dog socialization classes near me, you have to do a little homework to get the one that offers what you need. Meet friends and colleagues, make enquiries about a few training centers, and from your findings narrow down the list. With a few at hand, it will be great to visit the classes and interact with the instructors. Don’t forget to check the credentials and references of the instructor, and stay away from any class that shows red signals. Go for a class that will be of benefit to you and help your dog improve.

Ask for referrals
With many sites advertising dog obedience courses, it will be better if you begin with your friends and those close to you. Surely, there are other dog lovers in your area, and it will be great to ask them for referrals. If possible, ask veterinarians, because they will know of a couple of classes for your dog.

Watch out for red flags
You do not want a class your dog will be uncomfortable with or one where the instructor is hostile towards your dog. The course should be more than obeying instructions, your dog should learn how to socialize with other dogs and interact with people. Your dog should show signs of eagerness for the classes and enjoy the class as well. Avoid an instructor that is an advocate of screaming, yelling or hitting your dog. You should also stay away from an instructor that supports the use of harmful techniques or devices, as your dog should be safe in class.

One other red sign you should lookout for is if your dog feels uncomfortable around an instructor. This is because dogs are sensitive creatures, and they may have a good reason for feeling and acting uncomfortable around an instructor. Therefore, in selecting an instructor, look for one your dog feels comfortable with.

Visit a few different classes
You should try visiting an obedience class before buying. Every instructor has their unique way of running classes, so it will be good to visit one before enrolling. With most obedience classes, you will be allowed to sit in a class, and you might even get a free lesson. If they don’t allow you sit in a class, you should be worried because they might be trying to hide something from you. You should be more worried if they don’t allow you sit with your dog, as transparency matters. Take time and visit a few classes to know what exactly is available so that you will get value for your money.


These are some tips in finding the right dog classes near you. I am sure that this post is of great help, especially if you have always asked “where can I find the best dog obedience training near me?” What other suggestions do you have?

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