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These 20 Amazing Facts About Dreams will blow your mind away

Written By slyhealthspot on Thursday, 20 July 2017 | 08:54

Dreams can be weird and amusing, and sometimes can be a nightmare. Have you ever had a dream and kept wondering what it could mean? I guess yes. Well, we bring you 20 amazing facts about dreams will blow your mind away. Continue reading below:

Fact #1: You cannot read or tell the time while dreaming
While dreaming, it would be difficult to read something. Also, you will find it hard to tell the time as the clock will appear to be stating a different time.

Fact #2: Lucid dreaming
Have you heard about lucid dreaming? Well, it might interest you to know that there are special set of people who practice conscious dreaming in which they apply several techniques to take charge of their dreams and also do mind-blowing things such as passing through walls, flying, and traveling to different dimensions or even back in time.

Fact #3: Inventions inspired by dreams
Dreaming is great as it has helped mankind become more advanced. Most of the notable inventions in the history of mankind were inspired by dreams. Some of them are listed below:

-        DNA’s double helix spiral form -James Watson,
-         Alternating current generator –Tesla,
-         The sewing machine -Elias Howe,
-        Periodic table -Dimitri Mendeleyev,
-         The idea for Google -Larry Page…and many, many more.

Fact #4: Premonition dreams
This world is truly mysterious. Do you know that some people’s dreams actually come to pass in real life exactly as they dreamt? Well, it could be that they have a gift for seeing the future, and it can also be coincidence. There are many famous premonition dreams and they include:
-        Mark Twain’s dream of his brother’s demise
-        Abraham Lincoln dreamt of His Assassination
-        Many of the victims of 9/11 had dreams warning them about the catastrophe
-        19 verified precognitive dreams about the Titanic catastrophe

Fact #5: Sleep paralysis
Many will testify to this, especially when they are kids. Sleep paralysis is actually a true nightmare. Sleep paralysis involves your inability to move and also a sense of an evil presence with you in the room. This is 100% real, as it doesn’t feel like a dream. Sleep paralysis is an experience you wouldn’t like having.

Fact #6: REM sleep disorder
Normally, your body gets paralyzed when you reach the REM (rapid-eye-movement) stage during sleep. However, there are few cases of people acting out their dreams. This has led to many bizarre things happening, including broken legs, arms, furniture, and as weird as it sounds, a house burnt down!

Fact #7: Sexual dreams
This well documented phenomena is scientifically named “nocturnal penile tumescence”, and simply put, it means getting aroused while asleep.

Fact #8: Unbelievable Sleepwalkers
This sleep disorder is very rare and poses danger. This is a very risky form of REM sleep disorder. Sleepwalkers actually go out at night and do terrible things.
There is a nurse by the name Lee Hadwin, who became well known for drawing in his dreams. When he dreams, he becomes an artist, and literally “sleep-draws” amazing portraits which he can hardly remember afterwards. Sleepwalkers are very adventurous, and some of their bizarre adventures are listed below:

A sleepwalker who walked out of the window from the third floor, and barely survived
-        A man who drove 22 miles and killed his cousin while sleepwalking (how on earth is this even possible?)
-        A woman having sex with strangers while sleepwalking

Fact #9: Dream drug
You will be marveled to know that actually, some people love dreams and would do anything to keep dreaming without waking up for a long time, even during the day. This makes them take an illegal drug that is very powerful called Dimethyltryptamine.

Fact #10 Dream-catcher
It is no news that dreams are usually scary, and for this reason, most people have developed means of wading off such nightmares. The dream-catcher is a well know Native American symbols, which is made up of loose web or webs laced around a hoop and adorned with sacred objects that are believed to protect against nightmares.

Fact #11: Increased brain activity
Actually, sleep is meant for relaxing, but do you know that the brain becomes more active while we sleep than during the day?

Fact #12: Creativity and dreams
Like stated earlier, dreams are incredibly interesting, and are responsible for great works of art and notable inventions. As you dream, your creativity is greatly recharged.

Fact #13: Pets dream too
Ever seen a dog or cat moving their paws while sleeping? That is a sure sign they are dreaming, and they might be chasing something in that dream.

Fact #14: You always dream—you just don’t remember it
Everyone dream, although you will hear most people claiming that they don’t dream at all. The fact is that 60% of people don’t remember their dreams at all.

Fact #15: Blind people dream too
Blind people also dream. Those that were not born blind usually see images as they dream, however, those born blind don’t see anything. Beside sight, they use other sense organs in their dreams.

Fact #16: In our dreams, we only see faces that we already know
The faces of those we see in dreams are faces of those we have seen in real life. Did you recently come across a scary looking lady? Well, be prepared as she might appear in your next nightmare.

Fact #17: Dreams tend to be negative
Think about your dreams, you will agree with me that most of them are negative, rather than positive. As you dream, you are likely to feel these three emotions: fear, anger and sadness.

Fact #18: Multiple dreams per night
At night while you sleep, you can have several dreams, up to seven. However, this depends on the number of REM cycles you have. It is only at the REM period of sleep that we dream, and a person dreams for an average of one to two hours per night.

Fact #19: Gender differences
It might interest you to know that most of the characters a man sees in his dream are men, and this is made up of 70%. On the other hand, women dream equally about men and women. In men’s dreams, there is more aggression, and both men and women dream equally very often about sexual themes.

Fact #20: Not everyone dreams in color
It is true, not everyone’s dream is colorful. Over 12% of people dream only in black and white.

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