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10 secrets to fall asleep in 30 seconds

Written By slyhealthspot on Thursday, 20 July 2017 | 09:05

I know this sounds easy to say, but in reality, many people are finding it hard to fall asleep, especially at night. Have you ever tried to fall asleep, but ended up tossing around and spending hours on the bed but still sleep won’t come? If you are finding it hard to sleep, then continue reading below as this article is for you.

1. Read A Book Before Bed
This works well, as reading assists in making you to sleep because it forces you to remove yourself from items designed to keep your mind awake (electronic equipment) and it makes you relax. So, anytime you are finding hard to sleep, pick a book on your bedside, and read. It will help you a lot.

2. Set A Formal Bedtime
Setting a time you force yourself to sleep everyday can be very beneficial, both physically and psychologically. Once you are used to the time you set for sleep, your mind will adjust to that time as it recognizes that it is time for you to relax and retire for the day. Also, it assists your brain in making adjustments to its levels of serotonin and melatonin, and also assists in making your circadian rhythm out balanced.

3. Eat A Healthier Diet
You must have been hearing about eating healthy, as it helps your body in so many ways. Well, adjusting your diet also will help you get a better sleep. Studies carried out shows that the more vegetables and fruits you take, the more likely you are to fall asleep quickly. So eat more fruits and vegetables, and falling asleep won’t be a problem to you.

4. Keep Your Room Cool
Scientists have found out that your body temperature plays a big role when it comes to falling asleep. As you start to nod off, your body temperature drops. Therefore, it is important that you make your room cool, but not cold. You will surely fall asleep faster in a cool room.

6. Meditate
For centuries now, meditation has been known to be helpful as it helps makes your mind relax. With meditation, your restless mind will calm down, allowing you to focus on the slow, rhythmic breathing, which helps you have a better sleep.

7. Drink Some Warm Milk
It is an old tale that drinking warm milk helps you to sleep quickly, and many sees this as a myth. Well, drinking warm milk will surely make you fall sleep quicker, and it is not a myth. Psychologist suggests that drinking warm milk can be related to breastfeeding a baby. As you know, a baby quickly falls asleep after breastfeeding, and drinking warm milk too will help you sleep faster.

8. Cut out The Caffeine
Most people take caffeine to keep them awake and alert, therefore, if you are trying to fall asleep within seconds, it is wise to cut it off. If you want to fall asleep quickly, avoid taking caffeine from a certain time of the day. Studies indicate that cutting off intake of caffeine after 3pm will aid you greatly in falling asleep faster. So if you can’t do without caffeine, try cutting it off before 3pm in order to improve your chances of falling asleep.

9. Turn Off The Electronics
It is no doubt that phones, laptops and other gadgets keep you engaged and awake too. One of the biggest things to do if you want to fall asleep fast is to remove those gadgets that will keep you awake. It is advisable that you try to turn off your gadgets an hour before you sleep so as to help you mind relax properly and make you fall asleep faster.

10. Invest In Some Blackout Curtains
It will be hard for you to fall asleep when there is light, especially one flashing directly to your face. A sure way to overcome this is by getting blackout curtains because they’ll ensure you sleep longer and without much disturbance.

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