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Amazing! Watch this dog ridding a horse!

Written By slyhealthspot on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 | 07:33

Dog lovers, puppies lovers and pet lovers have to see this! funny how a dog rides a horse with its owner! Unique and exciting set piece it is.
if you have never believed that a dog can actually ride a horse, then you need to see this! A horse with two riders, man and man's best friend, a dog.
There are many funny moments all over the internet, but truly this is the most amazing I have ever come across.


This shaggy adorable mixed breed dog by the name Graf has become popular in Russia. The 28year old proud owner said some memorable things, such as his dog is very amazing and differs from others, not just a horse riding dog.
According to the owner, sometimes this magnificent dog would go along rounding up stray cows that had wandered off from the herd. Getting tired by the end of the day.
according to him, the dog usually trots along in the past when he gets on the horse, but on this faithful day, it he surprised the owner, jumped onto the horse and placed his paws on his shoulder, barking, as if saying 'ok, let’s go'.
 The horse don’t seem disturbed, so it has become a tradition ever since then. This has made some other farmers and even pet shop owners nearby want to buy him, but the owner doesn’t want to sell such a talented dog. check after the cut to feed your eyes.

According to the owner, He is a good dog, a good worker and my best friend.
 No amount of money is worth that. The video is after the cut, feed your eyes!


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