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As an adult, you might be looking for the causes of bad breath in adults and keep asking yourself ‘what are the causes of bad breath?’; as a parent, your child might be suffering from odour in the mouth, making you to wonder what the causes of bad breath in children are. Some people loves pet and keeps dogs as pet, but unfortunately your dog’s breath is not conducive making you brainstorm about the causes of bad breath in dogs. The factors responsible for this are many and we will discuss them in this article. You can read the prevention of bad breath here.

Have you been in the midst of people and any time you open your mouth to talk, you will notice that they will turn away from you, and some might start avoiding you henceforth? The reason for this social embarrassment could be because you are having bad breath and if this is the case, you shouldn’t be moving around with mouth odour without treating it first. Nevertheless, before we talk about the treatment let us first analyse the causes of chronic bad breath.


One of the causes is poor dental habits. If you fail to brush your teeth regularly, then don’t be surprised if you are talking with a friend and he turns his face away from you. Refusal to brush your teeth on a daily basis could be the cause as bacteria from the last meal you ate will cling around your mouth, forming an odorous atmosphere within your mouth. Washing your mouth every morning might seem a big deal for some folks, but it pays handsomely.

Another factor that causes bad breath is your eating routine that is, the substance (food, chocolate, drinks and many more) which you take into your body. How does the food you eat affect your breathing? To effectively answer this question, you need to know that foods you eat leave an odour in your mouth. Do you love eating garlic and onions? If yes, you also should know that these spices have very powerful odour, especially garlic. You might be brushing your teeth every morning, sometimes more than once a day, but surprisingly, the mouth odour in your mouth is still there or reduces only a bit, which you might notice. This is so because the intensity of the odour from garlic and other related spices is so strong and won’t go away by brushing your teeth alone but until they have been passed out from your body.

Smokers and chewers of product made of tobacco are not left out as smoking causes bad breath. You don’t expect to be taking cigarettes or smoking other tobacco related substances and expect your breath to be fresh. When you open your mouth to speak to someone or even yawn, the smell of cigarette will gush out, producing bad breath for you.

Well, you might be brushing your teeth regularly, that is on a daily basis but still have bad breath; you might be allergic to garlic, onions and other spices that has strong odour making you to avoid them, but still have bad breath; smoking might be a turn off for you, you might never have tasted cigarette in your life before, but you become surprise that every time you speak, you receive a negative response from your listeners especially when you are close to them, making you wonder what is the cause of your bad breath. As it is, if you fall under this category and you develop constant bad breath or taste in your mouth, then you might have contacted a gum disease, which arises because of plague on your teeth. Toxins are formed on the gum caused by bacteria and this irritates your gum.

These are the major causes of bad breath which makes your mouth smell badly. Having known the causes, you should do well to see your doctor for the possible treatment of your bad breath. You can also checkout causes of sore throat.

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