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Jogging didn’t start today, it is a very popular form of physical activity that has been in existence for a very long time. Although there are many sports and games that involve running and jogging, we are going to look at the health benefits of jogging. After reading this article, if you are the type that is too lazy to exercise your body by jogging, you will definitely know the importance of jogging and running to your health.

Now you probably have seen where I mentioned jogging and running above and might wonder if there is any difference between the two; both running and jogging are physical exercises that consumes oxygen. Well, the only difference between running and jogging lies in the speed and force put into it. Running involves more speed and energy, while jogging does not require much effort.

If you jog frequently, then you are helping your health. How? This is because regular jogging helps in making the bones stronger, assists in maintaining a healthy weight and improves the functionality of the heart. One sweet thing about jogging is that you do not need to pay to partake in it, as it is free, and you can choose when you want to engage in jogging. Without wasting much time, here are the health benefits of jogging:


i.                     As stated earlier, jogging helps in the buildup of strong bones because it is a weight            bearing activity and strengthens the muscles.
ii.                    With jogging, your circulatory system is well regulated.
iv.               If you read these weight loss tips, you will get to know that jogging plays a vital role in  maintaining a healthy weight and keeping you fit. Take jogging serious and after a few  months, you will be amazed at the amount of fat and calories you have burned.

if you have decided to start a jogging program, it is advisable that you visit your doctor for checkup first. Consulting your doctor first before engaging in a jogging or running program is important especially for someone above forty years of age, someone who is overweight and probably wants to take on the jogging challenge in order to lose weight. If it has been a long time since you participated in a physical exercise or you are suffering from a chronic illness, then you should also consult your doctor so that you can undergo a pre-exercise screening. Seeing your doctor before starting a jogging program is important because you will get to know if the benefits of the exercise you are about to engage in is more beneficial to your health than the risks.

The first thing to do is to start with a quick walk for about thirty minutes before starting any jogging. In addition, before you start running fully, make sure you are practicing walking and jogging for at least six weeks.

Just as you do before starting up a car early in the morning, you should warm up your body and do some stretching exercises before heading out, and when you return from you jogging session, relax your body with some simple stretches.

Water is life; ensure that you drink plenty of water before you start jogging, as you jog and after jogging. In light of this, take a bottle of water with you when heading out for jogging if you can.

In a week, you should rest for at least two days to avoid tiredness and loss of interest in your jogging program. During these two days that you are not jogging, try out swimming or other activities that does not fully engage the whole body.

You should take your time and carefully choose the path of your jogging activity. If you have access to plain and grassy areas, then make use of it rather than concrete or sandy surfaces to avoid injuries.

One great advice I can offer here is that you should steer clear from roads and avoid jogging near them.  This is important if you are suffering from respiratory related sicknesses. The fumes from vehicle exhaust can greatly increase the risks associated with respiratory illnesses. In addition, you should equally avoid those periods of the day when vehicles are on the rush to avoid inhaling the gases emitted from these vehicles; you can schedule your jogging exercise in the morning.

Before you start your jogging program, make sure that you buy shoes that will suit your jogging program. Now, what are the things you should look out for in choosing the right jogging shoes? First of all, keep your old sneakers aside; don’t use them for jogging because your legs might fit poorly into these old shoes of yours, causing injuries. The running shoes you are buying should have a wedge heel that serves as a shock absorber.

Before you go out for each session of jogging, do ensure that you eat well. This meal should be taken some minutes or an hour before going out, meaning that you should not start your jogging immediately you finish your meal. There are times of the day, especially during summer that you should desist from running. Such times are when the weather is very hot, possibly between twelve o’clock at noon and three thirty pm noon. Even though it is advisable that you take your mobile phone along with you when going out for a jog, care should be taken not to put the music to the highest volume so that you are very much alert of your surroundings.


I'm sure by now you have known the health benefits of jogging and things you should do as you are preparing for your jogging program. Feel free to drop any questions here using the comment box. Do you like this article? Then help your friends read it by sharing it to them using any of the share buttons bellow.

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