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It is a very popular tradition to wash the hands regularly with soap and water, but funny enough, we mostly neglect our fingernails even after using it heavily for most dirty works. Well, just as we wash our hands on a regular basis, there is equal need to keep the fingers clean because both washing the hands and keeping the fingers clean both boils down to one thing: removal of dirt. What is the point in washing your hands while your fingernails are dirty?  It is of no use, because the germs you are trying to wash away will hide under your fingernails. In order not to waste much of your time, explained below are steps you need to take in order to keep your fingernails clean.

               -For about 5-10 minutes, gently immerse your fingernails in warm water. Doing this will make your nails soft and enable the cleaning process painless especially if you will file or clip your nails.


           -After you might have soften your nails, the next thing to do is to scrub them with a sponge, preferably the one you use in bathing. Do not scrub lightly; scrub your nails thoroughly, especially the tips.

                       -Push the skin at the base of your nails backwards and rub cuticle oil into it. After applying cuticle oil into your cuticle, with the proper tool push it backwards. Do not be scared, this is not painful.

               -As detailed in this article on importance of washing hands regularly, you should never forget to wash your hands using soap after you use the toilet, when you finish engaging in dirty activities like tilling your garden, and before and after you prepare a meal.
                 -To some, keeping of long fingernails is nice; others detest it. Whatever your choice, it is advisable that you read why you should stopkeeping long nails. However, if your fingernails grow more than you want them, then you should trim them down to the level of your choice, not forgetting to give them a nice shape at the edge.
              -If you prefer keeping long nails, then it is essential that you file them whenever you are taking care of your nails so that they will have a nice look.

                      -It is no news that your nails are breeding grounds for germs, especially the ones not wiped out when you were washing your hands. As you go about your daily activities, dirt accumulates underneath your nails. In light of this, in is vital that you remove dirt from your nails. How can you do this effectively? Well, in order to effectively remove dirt from your fingernails, get a toothpick, place it beneath the white tips of your fingernails and get rid of the dirt. When you finish, place your nails beneath running water (preferably warm) from the sink for some seconds, possibly 25 to 30 seconds.

                    -After removing the dirt from your nails, scrub them with a sponge (as detailed in the second step).


           -The last thing to do is to apply a nail strengthener, which will not only strengthen your fingernails, but goes the extra mile to give your nails a very beautiful finishing.

That is all there is to cleaning the nails. If you apply all the processes explained in this article, then you’ll notice the difference between your nails before and after using these tips.

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