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To begin with, pat yourself on the back. Why? Reading this article alone is a great move to quitting tobacco usage and smoking. The problem with most smokers that are willing to stop smoking is that they think renouncing tobacco is impossible. Well, although most people that have stopped smoking found it difficult, most especially because cigarette contains a very addictive and powerful substance, it is not impossible! It is very possible for you, only if you are ready. When you follow the right procedures, you will surely triumph over the desire to smoke.

Now the big question is ‘where do you start?’ To answer this, you should know that most people that smoke only copied what they saw their family member or friend do, without fully knowing the harmful effects and dangers of tobacco. As they start, the addictive substance in cigarette makes them addicted to smoking that they find it difficult to leave or stop. The addictive substance in cigarette works in two forms: it acts as an intoxicant and as a depressant, causing excitement at first and then later leads to fatigue and depression. What makes smokers rush back to cigarette after they finish taking one is the depression and fatigue they feel after finishing a cigarette because they want to feel that excitement again.

Well, no need to give up hope on quitting smoking because there are multitudes of individuals who thought it was hard to quit smoking, but today they no longer smoke because they were determined and followed the necessary steps to quit. If you are truly prepared to quit smoking, then the following tips will surely help you quit cigarettes:

 i. Note it down: 
If you look around very well and take close study, you will realise that when people write down their goals, it become easier for them to achieve. Follow this step. Get a confidential diary; write down the reasons why you are bent on putting an end to the bad habit of smoking. Make the list visible to you, and as you are moving forward to achieving your goal of quitting smoking, keep on adding the reasons you remember as this will be a motivational factor for you. 

ii. Look for help
Two heads they say are better than one; this is true also with quitting smoking, as you are more likely to succeed in quitting when a friend of family member supports you. Although some individuals that smoke hides it from their family members, that should not tie you down. If you do not want members of your family to know that you smoke, look for a counsellor, one you can trust with your secrets. 

iii. Pick a date: 
You should challenge yourself by choosing a date you will quit smoking. Be confident about this new development, and tell your counsellor of friend who knows you are a smoker that you will quit on that date. In preparing for that day, change your mind-set and see that day as a transition point from the smoker you are and the new person that does not smoke you’ll become. 

iv. Get rid of your cigrattes
You do not expect to be in the kitchen when they are cooking and expect not to eat. Even if you do not eat, the aroma alone will be tempting you to eat. So what am I trying to say? If you are determined to quit that bad habit of smoking, throw away all the cigarettes around you; don’t leave anything behind, whether it is your lighter or ashtrays, as the presence of these will strongly tempt you to pick up a stick of cigarette. 

v. Get rid of the triggers
Whatever situation makes you smoke, break it off. For example, if you smoke anytime you drive, you should break this link by taking a public transport. The bottom line is to keep yourself away from instances that trigger you to smoke. Try doing these things for a few weeks so that you can cut-off the link. 


  Just like pulling a thorn out of the flesh can be so painful it is going to be tough when trying to quit smoking. You will experience some physical symptoms when trying to quit smoking. Such symptoms are lose of energy, sore throat, increased appetite for food, depression, headaches, and the likes. However, do not be discouraged by these symptoms as they will gradually die down, freeing you from being a smoker! To handle the side effects that comes along as you try quitting smoking, you need to keep yourself busy as being distracted helps in chasing away the thoughts of smoking. If you are idle all the time, then you are stirring up that bad habit of smoking which you are trying to quit. So what should you do? Get busy! Engage in activities that consumes most of your time and would not give room for you to think of smoking cigarette. 

Trying to quit smoking comes with its challenges. If you find out that the pressure was too much for you and you mistakenly give in to the temptation of taking another cigarette, don’t give-up! Rise up to your feet and get back to track again. Some people might be able to quit smoking for some days or even months yet they later fall back to smoking by giving in to the temptation to smoke. If this happens to you, don’t give up; you need to get back to track fast by taking your slip as a mistake, note down the day it happened and the cause, then move on, amending your lifestyle and avoiding the circumstances. Look back to the day you decided to finally quit smoking and how a friend, family member or counsellor assisted you overcoming the bad habit of smoking. Remember how long you have stayed away from smoking, and use it as an encouragement to rise up again and continue with your struggle.

To conclude, quitting smoking is not easy. You should reward yourself and save the amount of cash you usually spend on buying cigarettes, and then use this money to buy yourself a gift, to mark as your trophy for overcoming smoking. If you are determined and follow the tips listed here, then no matter how hard it seemed at first, you will surely overcome the bad habit of smoking. (You can checkout health benefits of honey)

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