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Honey has been in existence for a long time now, and I know it is probably not new to you. You might have read about the health benefits of honey before and even know other uses of honey. Alright, that’s good, how about honey mixed with warm water? This might sound strange to you, as honey is mostly eaten raw, without mixtures. Well, in this article, I will be revealing the magic honey works when mixed with warm water.


Boosts your immune system:
Honey is made up of special properties that act as bacteria killing agents. When taken raw without any mixtures, it contains lots of vitamins and minerals that protect the immune system from bacteria. Honey serves as an antioxidant that assists in fighting against bacteria that causes abnormalities on our skin and in the body. Taking honey mixed with warm water also increases the amount of fats in the body, reducing risk of exposure to heart related problems.

                          Neutralizes gases
Anytime you are feeling uneasy and gassy, drink a mixture of honey and warm water. this mixture will help in neutralizing the gasses in you.

                        Weight reduction:
Drinking honey and warm water mixed together can assist you in reducing your weight. Yes, honey contains sugar, but funny enough the sugar contained in honey is natural and provides healthy calories. (You can read more on weight reduction tips here).



            Improves digestive system:
Waking up early morning, drinking a glass of warm water mixed with honey helps in improving your digestive system. Honey has antiseptic benefits, which helps in relaxing the acidity in the stomach. I don’t need to say much here as I believe you know much about the digestive system; all I am trying to point out here is that drinking a mixture of honey and warm water early in the morning helps your digestive system stay regular.

                         Acts as a detoxification agent:
Taking honey mixed with warm water is vital in removing harmful substances from the body. These harmful substances can accumulate in your body and possibly cause disease.

                        Reduces allergies:
Although taking raw pure honey alone is enough in reducing allergies in you, it is not a bad idea to mix the honey with warm water before drinking to keep you hydrated. 

                        Reduces cough and sore throat:
If you have sore throat, taking honey can be of great help in reducing the soreness and irritation it comes with. How is this possible? Well, it is possible because honey serves as a coat for the throat while the warm water on its own soothes the throat. The soothing and coating action of warm water and honey respectively helps in reducing cough which is sometimes caused by irritation from a sore throat.

If you have followed this article to this point, I am sure you have known the benefits of honey mixed with warm water together; honey does not just serve as an alternative to sugar but also has many health benefits. You have learnt about the benefits of honey; why not share with your friends so that they too can be informed? Use the social sharing buttons below to spread this article to your friends.

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