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Generally, the concept of losing weight burns down to reducing the amount of calories in the body. There might be several quick weight lose plans out there, but they mostly do not work out as promised. If you are looking for how to lose weight fast and easily, then try these sure tips.

i.                     Note down the type of food you consume in a week. In doing so, you will tend to know the foods that contains much calories and easily cut them down.

ii.                   Change your perspective about losing weight. If you have always believed that you cannot easily lose weight, then you should change this mind set. Start believing and say to yourself positive words that will assist you in losing weight such as “I can lose weight”; “I will get out for my walk today” etc. repeating these phrases will make you change your perspective about losing weight.

iii.                  After breakfast, you should drink an orange juice. However, during the course of the day, avoid juice or soda and stick to water. This is because soft drinks contain lots of calories, which you should avoid, or burn in trying to lose weight (You can check out the health benefits of honey here).

iv.                 Watch TV lesser than usual. This is because studies have shown that the more you watch television, the more likely you are to eat. You should sacrifice a TV program and use that time to go for a walk or jogging.

v.                   Spend time cleaning something exhaustively once a week. This could be the floor, some windows or your car; just anything that will consume much of your energy and time. The more time you spend washing, the more calories you burn.

vi.                 Before you look for what to eat, wait until your stomach starts itching you. Do not just eat out of boredom, frustration or nervousness. In order to lose weight quickly, wait until you are hungry before you eat.

vii.                Color blue serves as an appetite suppressant. If you observe carefully, you will notice that most fast food joints are not decorated with blue color. So anytime you serve meal, use blue plates, and cover your table with blue tablecloths and dress up in blue. You will be amazed at the level at which you will lose appetite. In light of this, the colors you should avoid in your dining areas are red, orange and yellow as they encourages eating.

viii.              Walking up and down the stairs for ten minutes helps in reducing weight, so you should put it in practice. To add to it, every two hours, take a walk for five minutes.

ix.                 Avoid buying prepared foods that has sugar, corn syrup or fructose as the first four ingredients on the label. Look for one with lower sugar. Alternatively, pick up a piece of fruit.

x.                   When eating, sip water frequently and engage in activities (such as talking) that will delay your meal. In doing so, your brain will alert you when you no longer need food, that is when you are full.

xi.                 As you start to lose weight, give away or get rid of clothes that are too big for you. In doing this, you will not want to buy those big clothes again when you start adding weight, and this will make you stay fit always.

xii.                When you finish having your supper, clean all your dishes, shutdown your kitchen and avoid eating late at night because it tends to increase the total number of calories you eat.

xiii.              Buy a pedometer, fasten it to your belt and target an extra 1,000 step daily as compared to the usual steps you usually take.

xiv.              It has been proven that you’ll surely eat more if there is plenty of food in front of you, not minding whether you are hungry or not. In light of this, it is advisable that you serve your meals in smaller dishes as compared to the regular ones you use, so that you don’t find yourself staring at too much food and tempted to eat much.

xv.               If you are the type that usually eats outside rather than at home, then you are probably exposed to foods containing high amount of fats and calories. What point am I trying to stress here? Well, all am trying to drive home is that in order for you to lose weight easily, then you should prepare your meals at home, taking note of the amount of food containing fat and calories that you take

I am stopping at this point. Although these might not be all the tips you need in order for you to lose weight easily, they will surely work if you give them a try.

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