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To some, keeping long fingernails might be fun and a fashionable trend, but you should bear it in mind that it also has its own health risk, which you seriously need to look into if you really care for your nails and for your general health. Having long nails tends to create a breeding atmosphere for germs, which from there onwards without much stress can be transferred into your body or unto others. If you ask health experts around, they will agree that nails should be trimmed and not kept long as they house germs.

Although keeping of long nails have always been linked to ladies and beauty freaks, anyone keeping nails whose height is over three millimetres above the finger tips should note that the nails contains harmful bacteria underneath. Some individuals do not wash theirhands well enough to get rid of all the germs beneath their nails, making keeping of long nails unhealthy.


You should stop keeping long nails because during the course of the day, you come across several objects that contains harmful bacteria and will definitely stay glued to your long nails. Therefore, it is essential for you to wash not just your hands, but also your nails thoroughly.

If you are keeping long nails, you are at a high risk to injure yourself because when your nails are eventually caught in windows, zippers or any of these types of objects, you stand a risk of injuring yourself and injuries are potential breeding ground for germs and entrance pathway into your body.

If you are a typist, who always plays with the computer keyboard, should not think that keeping long nails is proper because it is going to make things complicated for you, straining your fingers. Not only typing on your computer keyboard, even if you are typing on your phone, long nails will make the typing experience hectic for you, making your typing speed slower than you thought.

If all the time you fix artificial nails to your fingers, then it is highly advisable that you stop because the artificial nails are highly vulnerable to germs and all sort of infection. The longer you leave your fixed nails on your finger, the more likely it is prone to germs.

You have long nails on your finger and you are using them to eat your meal? If this is the case, then note that it can aid infectious agents, germs and bacteria to enter into your health system. Sometimes, even after washing your hands, some stubborn germs would take your fixed or long nails for cover and hide under it.

On another note, one turnoff for keeping long nails whether natural or artificial is that it requires high maintenance especially the artificial ones, and will definitely consume not just your money, but your time as well. You will always be worrying about their maintenance.

To be frank, you end up being selective of the things you hold or pick because you are scared of breaking or damaging your long nails which you might be keeping for a long time and it would hurt you so much to damage them.

Well, even after reading all the disadvantages of keeping long nails, some of you, especially the fashion freaks (ladies) who are so fascinated about their nails and would not want to cut them would still go on keeping their nails, not minding the demerits. The only advice here is that since you still insist on keeping long nails, try and be maintaining them and keep them healthy. To maintain your fingernails, avoid using them in opening objects that have the ability to scrap off part of it and make it dangerously sharp; while cooking, ensure that you put on gloves to prevent germs gathering underneath your fingernails and to prevent them from entering your meal.

To cap it all, you have read some of the reasons why keeping of long fingernails is bad and destructive. It is now left for you to decide whether to stop keeping the long nails for various reasons, such as healthy issues, or if you still insist on keeping them, follow the steps outlined here for maintaining them, all for your own good.

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