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You need to know how to avoid bad breath because you might have just treated your bad breathe and feel very confident and happy because that bad smell from your mouth which has been causing you social stigma all this while has left. Yes it is true that it is gone, but don’t just go about being happy if you haven’t learn about how to eliminate bad breath because it might come back again and if you allow it to resurface, it might be tougher than before and treating it might seem more difficult. So after treatment, what should you do to avoid bad breath from resurfacing again?

Firstly, you need to know the causes and reasons for bad breath, then tackle it. For bad breath not to occur again, you should be hygienic. Yes, you should be clean, especially taking care of your oral health. As mentioned in the treatment, brush your teeth on a daily basis that is regularly; never miss this step because it helps in flushing away the bacteria causing bad breath. You may wonder which is the best mouthwash for bad breath; however, note that being hygienic pays a lot as it chases bad breath away from you.

In prevention of bad breath, you should also watch what you eat. Foods like garlic are highly rich in supplements that causes bad odour, so to prevent bad breath, do well by avoiding these set of foods that are having long lasting smell when eaten.

If you do not smoke, fine, as you are on a safer side; if you do, then you need to quit because smoking cigarette has a strong lasting odour effect on you just like garlic, although garlic is good for your health while cigarette damages your healthy system. The bottom line here is to avoid cigarette and other tobacco related products to save yourself from stinking breath because the chemicals contained in cigarettes build up in your throat and this makes your mouth dry, making the bacteria stay longer than normal.

As stated in the treatment of bad breath, water is a very essential element. You need to always drink plenty of clean water and rinse your mouth with it as doing this alone flushes the loose bacteria and fungi that cause bad breath, saving your breath of odour.

Sugary foods and drinks should be avoided; substitute your fancy for a candy bar and rather go for fruits (an apple preferably), or foods rich in protein. It is of great importance that you avoid drinks or any liquid intake that contains acid or are acidic in nature because the enamel on your teeth would be compromised with too much intake of acidic drinks.

Alright, from the beginning of this article, we have been listing and discussing the various types of food you should avoid in order for you to stop or curb bad breath. Now, what about those foods you should take that helps you overcome it? Yes of course, it is of essence to note that foods which are free of sugar helps in preventing bad breath, so you should be eating these foods as the absence of sugar in them goes a long way to save your breath. Sugar free yoghurt is an ideal food to help your breath; this is so because yoghurt with good bacteria helps in reducing the level of sulphide compounds that cause bad breath. Also, vitamin D is essential as it assists in curbing bad breath. Look for foods like orange juice, salmon, eggs or any other food rich in vitamin D, then the bad odour from your mouth will surely run away from you!


These are some of the important tips of taking care and making sure bad breath doesn’t reoccur to you. Even with applying these tips discussed above, it is of essence that you visit your dentist once a while.

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