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Are you searching for the causes of  sore throat? Do you suffer from this very badly and want to know the main causes of chronic sore throat or causes of severe sore throat? If your answer to these questions is yes, then read on as we explain the causes.

Having sore throat can be a bad experience as it ties you down from participating fully in daily activities. It is important to know the various causes of sore throat. The common cause is cold. In a rare scenario, bacterial infections do play a role in the build-up of this infection.

There is a lot of illness that causes sore throat, but the most common is cold. A child who develops a harsh barking cough is suffering from a childhood illness might also develop sore throat as the illness has the potential of causing sore throat for the child.

It is also important to note that a bacterial infection sometimes causes it. If you are suffering from whooping cough, which infects the respiratory tract severely and is highly contagious in nature, then you might be vulnerable to sore throat. Another bacterial infection capable of causing sore throat is a harmful illness of the respiratory system, which is prevalent in developing nations but lesser in industrialised countries.

If the air indoors are dry (mostly in winter season when rooms are kept warm), then it might pose a great risk of sore throat to you by making your throat scratchy and rough. You normally feel this early in the morning when you wake up from your sleep. Air pollution whether indoors or outdoors has the potential of causing sore throat. Smoke from tobacco, chewing of tobacco also has the ability to leave you with sore throat. If you drink alcohol or eat food that contains many spices, then you are in for sore throat.

Have you ever been watching a football match or a TV show that excites you to the point of shouting and yelling for excitement? If yes, then you can wake up the following morning and discover that your throat is aching. In this case, all the shouting and excitement you had the previous day while watching your movie is strongly responsible for it because while you were shouting, you were busy straining the muscles of your throat. You might be thinking that it is only when you exercise your arms or legs that you strain muscles, but it is not so. On a lighter note, anytime you shout aloud for a long period, do not be surprised to wake up the next day with a sore throat. If you are allergic to mould, dust, pet dander and pollen, then you are at risk of having sore throat.

Ailments that affect the voice box, throat or tongue can also cause sore throat. If you are having trouble anytime you try to swallow, if you have a noisy breathing or a lump in the neck or hoarseness, then know that they are red signs and symptoms. 


These are the main causes of a sore throat, which makes life uneasy for you if you are affected with it. Having known the causes, you can also checkout the causes of badbreath.

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